Aleksandra Caka Street

Riga, Latvia

Tensar AX5-GN geocomposite supported the reconstructed pavement in delivering longer life and controlled bottom-up cracking.


  • 100% increase in fatigue life
  • No need to increase thickness of the new asphalt overlay
  • Prevention against fatigue cracking propagation in the new asphalt overlay
Client's Challenge

After decades of service, the surface of Caka Street in Riga, Latvia, was in very poor condition. The Transport Department of the City Council decided to renew a length of approximately 2.5 km. It was only possible to add a thin asphalt overlay. The challenge was to maximise the life of the new surface.  

Tensar Solution

The overlay design incorporated Tensar AX5-GN asphalt interlayer. Approximately 35,000m2 of the reinforcing product was installed to control cracking and increase fatigue life. Tensar AX5-GN is a composite asphalt interlayer consisting of a stiff polypropylene grid with hexagonal structure and integral junctions bonded to a polypropylene paving fabric. The geogrid performs the structural reinforcement function [R] of the asphalt interlayer, whilst the non-woven, fully saturated with bitumen, functions as a stress relief system (STR) and an interlayer barrier (IB).